The Association

In autumn 1989 an initiative committee with experts was established in Vaihingen/Enz that wondered about the first basic thoughts affecting a central memorial in the Ludwigsburg district on the former site of the concentration camp Vaihingen/Enz.

In 1990 the association Initiative Concentration Camp Memorial Vaihingen/Enz e.V. was founded with significant support of members of the teachers` union “GEW” and in the presence of over 100 interested citizens in Vaihingen/Enz.  At the moment (2022) the association has got about 110 members.

The Executive Board at the beginning of the association in November 1990

October 18th, 1990 – more than 1000 citizens are protesting against the desecration of the concentration camp cemetery

Premiere of the film about eye witness Wendelgard von Staden (centre) on January 27th, 2005

Exhibition in St. Peter´s Church on the occasion of the 70t anniversary of the camp´s liberation in April 2015

The youth group HiSTORIES was officially founded in January 2006