Meeting with Survivors

One of the most important concerns of the association was and still is to keep in touch with survivors and their relatives. This includes regular contact via letter or e-mail but most of all the personal contact. Again and again single survivors as well as relatives return to the place of suffering in Vaihingen/Enz. For all participants the meetings with groups of survivors and their relatives from all over the world which were organized and conducted by the City of Vaihingen together with the association were most impressive. Additionally members of the association visited survivors in Poland, Israel and Canada.

Referring to this the Dutch survivor Jules Schelvis pointed out at the commemoration ceremony in April 2001:
“Let me say thank you that survivors and myself as a former concentration camp convict were invited to come here and to speak to you from this spot.”

At the fountain of the market square Vaihingen/Enz, April 1995

Members of the association visited survivors in Poland, 1998

The guests from nine countries on the market square Vaihingen/Enz, April 2001

Commemoration ceremony with survivor Tadeusz Kalinowski from Poland, April 2006

Commemoration ceremony with survivors on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation on April 12th, 2015 – in the foreground from right to left survivors Isaak Akerman from Israel, Manny Steinberg (†) from the USA and Eugeniusz Dabrowski from Poland