Aims and Activities

  • To honour the victims of the Nazi system
  • To establish and administer a central memorial on the site of the former KZ Wiesengrund near Vaihingen/Enz
  • To promote and widen knowledge about the cruel and inhuman Nazi system and the effects of such a system especially amongst young people
  • To carry out research work on the history of the camp
  • To publish books, leaflets, articles, videos etc. on the history of the camp and its inmates

One of the first teachers´ trainings, May 1993

Intensive exchange between survivors and citizens of Vaihingen, April 2005

Teachers´ training at the memorial

Commemoration ceremony on the topic “From common graves to concentration camp cemetery” on April 13th, 2008

Presentation of the Concentration Camp Association in Ludwigsburg, April 2009

  • To cooperate with other similar memorials
  • To teach how to overcome prejudice, intolerance and bigotry in order to work towards the reconciliation of peoples
  • To provide lectures and guided tours on the subject
  • To help teachers to prepare and carry out visits of the memorial in a suitable way
  • To establish and maintain contact with surviving former inmates and their descendants